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Basic info

Name: Lauri Ellilä

Age: 39

Based in: Helsinki, Finland... 

...but will travel pretty much anywhere as needed and has a second home in Prague,CZ

What do I do? Professional event photographer, will also shoot weddings and pretty much anything needed. I also run a portrait studio in the heart of Helsinki, see http://lauriellila.com/

Easygoing, adaptive, professional. Yes, that'd be me. :)

I've been into photography since I was a little kid. At age of six I got a 35mm SLR from my parents and that was the beginning of my journey to this moment. Oh boy, what a journey has it been! Film changed into DSLRs and every single day still learning new things. I constantly keep up with the development in technology and skills. Attending workshops and courses around Europe is the key to staying up to date. I use professional camera-gear from Nikon and PhaseOne. Broncolor mobile lighting equipment is also in the inventory and I have a studio in Helsinki.

Grown in an international atmosphere, as well as having lived and traveled in many countries traveling is a natural thing for me. With my reasonable traveling costs compensated - I am willing, in fact happy to travel. I am looking forward to working in Baltic Countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) as well as the region surrounding Czech Republic (Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Germany).

In the last few years I have been shooting mostly different events and concerts. Last few summers I have been one of the resident event photographers at Summer Heat-club, the biggest and hottest summer club in Helsinki. Photobooths in different events are also a strong-point and I have references of them presented in a separate gallery. In addition to the local events in Helsinki-region, I've been traveling around Finland and the surrounding countries photographing different events and tours. Ladies Night Tour, 2Ibiza-tour, NRJ, L'Oreal, J.C.LeCroux, Sourz, Pisang Ambon, Mercedes-Benz, Ford... just to mention few event tours and companies I've been in co-operation with already. Now I am looking forward to co-operation with you and your company.

I photograph also weddings, but only take on a couple of weddings each year. That way I can make each wedding shoot unique and provide the service tailored to the couple on their special day.

In addition those mentioned earlier, I also photograph different promotional material both in studio and on location. Contact me and we will arrange just the photos you need. If you are in need of video production from your event, or wish to have multiple photographers - I have excellent partners to work with who will also travel with me as needed.

Looking forward to working with you, for you,

Lauri Ellilä